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For manufacturers

Koji Nakata of Advance Management president lectured
@for 25members "HighValue Management
@which realize a production inovation at the factory"

Company: EPCOS OHG, Kostwein Maschinenbau Gmbh, COLOPLAST A/S, Danfoss A/S,
LEGO System A/S, Renault SAS, Pirelli UK Tyres Ltd, Rpbert Bosch Gmbh,
Barclay Chemicals Manufacturing Ltd, Bolzoni SpA, Fiat Auto S.p.A, Fiat Auto
Poland, Bieisko Biala, JSC "Dvarcioniu Keramika" OPOCZNO SA, Vulcano
Termodomesticos, SA, MATADOR, A.S, ACB Aceria Compacta de Bizkania SA,
Arcelor Group, Haldex Brakes Produvts AB, Volvo Powertrain Corporation,
Power-Packer Europa B.V, Sabora B.V, STORK NV, BPB British Gypsum Ltd,
CooperVision Manufacturing Ltd, Smiths Aerospace Ltd,

Promoter: EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation

Ono executive vice-president explained
@Enrique and Koji Nakata aboutTPS
@at Toyota's Kentuckian factory.

Consutants of the CMTC in LAX exchanged the views
@about the Kaizen of Japan with Koji Nakata.

Consulting of a Chinese company
Panorama of the company
(below : factory and dormitory, miniature)

Company's Outline
Contents of a business Integrated production from raw material to finished product of KD furniture
Company' s name Kojun furniture company
Location Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Sales 10 millions RMB/month
Number of employee about 1000 people (One shift for 12 hours, indirect department : 60 people including 13 salesman)
CEO Chinese
Education of promoting improvement for administrators On-site consulting

The package of oil and fat product and processing oil and fat food
This company is grappling with Shojinka improvement, the operating rate improvement, the defective reduction improvement and
the prevention preservation.
5S improvement is being done as a part of those activities by the whole participation. A president, an administrative post and a
member are based on the check table, and the progress of that 5S improvement is evaluated.
Then, an evaluation point faced seventy points and more of leaders, and "My Area card" was conferred.
The promotion of control to see with the eyes, the promotion of beautiful machine, the promotion of responsibility for a role, and
so on are done in the whole of the workplace, and great effect appears in this 5S improvement.
5S Workplace inspection1
5S Workplace inspection2
5S Workplace inspection3
Leader announcement
President commendation
The consultant's summary